UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Cheekbone reduction surgery without mouth incision

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Cheekbone reduction surgery without mouth incision

Decent amount of volume makes face look younger and fresh. 
If you have big and wide cheekbones, you might hear you look older than your actual age, or have too strong manly face. 

Cheekbone takes big part in face. We can separate cheekbone reduction surgery into 3 methods. 

1. Scalp incision method 

Scalp incision method came out in 1991. 

This is a method that cuts from one ear to the other ear observing cheekbones, and the most accurate way for cheekbone reduction surgery. 

It not only fix firmly but also make it possible to see dramatic effect as they perform as seeing it. 

However, incision area is broad and might cause hair loss, bleeding, facial paralysis, sagging skin, therefore, not many surgeons do zygoma reduction this way. 

2. Incision inside of mouth 

This method is common way to reduce cheekbones thesedays. It osteotomes cheekbones incising inside of mouth. 

This is the basic method and most of the surgeons do this way. 

It fixes resected bone with titanium and since it incises minimum area, there is benefit that patients can experience quick recovery without noticeable scar. 

However, there are some side effects as well, such as sagging skin, also, they might have discomfort to eat during recovery time. 

3. Endoscopically zygoma reduction 

Endoscopically zygoma reduction (called as EZ Surgery) is a type of surgery which supplements weaknesses of scalp incision and inside of mouth incision. This method is officially proved and introduced in ASPS and American plastic surgery textbook. 

Endoscopically zygoma reduction is performed through small incision line around sideburns with Full HD endoscopy and J SAW (self developed medical device) and reduces front and side zygoma remaining decent size of volume. 

Since people have different size and location of zygoma, performing surgery with J-SAW can reduce bleeding and swelling resecting exact location and amount. 

Simply it incises around scalp and then excise using endoscopy, and as it incises through hairlines, scars are unnoticeable. 

Benefits of Endoscopically zygoma reduction surgery 

Reducing side zygoma leaving volume of front cheekbones 

Without incision inside of mouth 

1. Scalp incision (about 3cm) 

2. No sagging skin 

3. Quick recovery 

No fixation needed
Since it rotates and pushes in with partial osteotomy, it doesn’t need fixation 

General anesthesia is not needed

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