UVOM Plastic Surgery Foreign Body Removal

UVOM Plastic Surgery Foreign Body Removal

To make dimensional looking face, many people are choosing filler injection. But sometimes illegal procedure is done with illegal substance. Or the shape afterwards is not desirable. In these cases, filler removal is considered.

Are you considering foreign body removal? UVOM Plastic Surgery can diagnose it by ultrasound and find the best surgery plan for your foreign body removal.

If you had illegal substance injection, or if the procedure is done poorly, you might have uneven skin surface. You might also get infection or necrosis due to foreign body reaction. These will be difficult to treat as time passes, so it is better to remove it as soon as you can.

We understand the difficulty that patients go through due to having foreign body. We try our best to achieve best outcome. 

We are clear about who is in charge of your procedure. We don't practice shadow doctor. You can trust us.

Post op care is very important when there was side effect for having foreign body. We offer thorough post op care.

UVOM Plastic Surgery uses ultrasound equipment to precisely locate the foreign body and assess the type of foreign body. We also use our own custom made cannula for removing foreign body.

We use endoscope to have 10 time magnified view, to be able to perform precise procedure. We can remove even very fine particles of foreign body, by using our own custom made cannula.

 We can remove foreign body by using our custom made cannula. Foreign body inserted to forehead can be removed through small incision in the scalp, using endoscope.

Procedures that can be done with foreign body removal are Ulthera, face lift, and UVOM rafacell fat graft.

Ulthera is non invasive lifting procedure. It gives skin firmness and smooth out facial lline.

Face lift is improving saggy skin of the face. You can remove wrinkles by doing face lift, and can make refined v-line without having contouring surgery.

Also, UVOM Plastic Surgery's rafacell fat graft can fill in the sunken area after filler or foreign body removal. We purify the fat and only use refined fat, it is effective and good for skin elasticity and regeneration.

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