Uvom Plastic Surgery Korea cheekbone zygoma reduction method

Uvom Plastic Surgery Korea cheekbone zygoma reduction method 

For both of the protruded side and front cheekbones 

Determinate way of zygoma reduction surgery through incision inside mouth 

What is Zygoma reduction of Uvom plastic surgery ?

▲Titanium, which is used for producing spacecraft 

It is a type of zygoma reduction surgery, incises inside mouth observing protruded part of cheekbones and fixes with titanium plates. 

This method incises inside mouth and cut the body of cheekbones like a L shape rotating inward and firmly fixes. 

It is performed after detailed diagnosis through 3D CT scan, and reduces the size of cheekbones incising inside mouth about 3CM. 

Surgery method 

Step 1. Incise inside of mouth 

Step 2. Osteotome A and B completely

Step 3. Fix A with plates firmly

Benefits of Zygoma reduction surgery of Uvom plastic surgery

1. Determinate surgery effect 

It can reduce the volume of 45 degree and side of cheekbones at the same time. 

2. Quick recovery 

It shortens recovery time through minimum incision and exfoliation. 

3. No sagging 

There is no sagging skin since it is performed through minimum incision and exfoliation and L shape cutting. 

4. No scar 

Scars are not noticeable since it is operated through incising inside mouth and sideburns 

5. Self developed surgery device 

Minimizing tissue damage through self developed surgery devices having clear view 

▲Registered in World biographical dictionary
Introduced in American textbook
“Method of Jung Soo Lee” appeared in Textbook of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Cosmetic surgery of the Asian face.2005”

Trademark registrations 
EZ Zygoma Reduction and J Saw had continued to develop after endoscopic zygoma reduction appeared, and achieved the trademarks in 2013. 

Dissertations and announcements of conferences of Dr. Lee Jung Soo about jaw and cheekbones.

Contact info. 
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