UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Plastic Surgery is one way of improving your look. Eye and nose surgery has become common now as many people are taking surgery.

Nose is center of your face, it determines your overall image, and is a popular part for plastic surgery. Usually people get rhinoplasty to make low and bland nose into high and defined nose. By doing rhinoplasty, you can achieve sophisticated look.

Before, plastic surgery was about accentuating individual parts. Eye surgery or nose surgery focused on improving each part. But recently people are considering overall balance of face. Surgery has to bring out overall harmony.

Such trend affects rhinoplasty as well. Nose is at the center of your face, it controls facial balance and volume. Small change to your nose brings big difference to your face. So if you don't consider overall harmony when it comes to rhinoplasty, you might not be satisfied with result.

You need to consider whether your mouth is protruding, chin is receded, forehead is flat, developed brow bone, sunken nasolabial fold.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "By rhinoplasty only, you can bring out overall balance to your face. If you alter your nose in a wrong way, it breaks overall harmony of face and becomes unnatural. You should consider not only the front view but also the side profile. You should balance from your forehead, nose and chin to achieve ideal result"

UVOM Plastic Surgery's '3 point rhinoplasty' brings out overall balance for your face, giving you very natural result. At the same time as rhinoplasty, by doing some fat graft or filler injection to your forehead, chin, or to nasolabial fold to balance out your face line.

Shape of your nose bridge and tip is important, but so is the safety as well. Your implant might slide down in time, resulting in revision. In order to prevent it, there should be strong support on the nose tip. Also you should consider the symmetry of nostils to have beautiful nose.

After rhinoplasty, you can consider procedures on your forehead, wrinkles between the eyes, nasolabial fold, or receded chin. You can use implant, or do fat graft or filler injection.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo says, "Before you decide to do surgery on your forehead, nose and chin, you need to have thorough consultation with specialist. You should discuss what is achievable. You need to select well experienced doctor to have satisfactory result."

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