UVOM Plastic Surgery Ultrasound Liposuction

UVOM Plastic Surgery Ultrasound Liposuction

Many people are interested in liposuction to achieve beautiful figure. Let us introduce you about ultrasound liposuction.

What is ultrasound liposuction?

If you apply ultrasound energy to body tissue, there is no damage on the dense tissues such as nerves and blood vessels, and only the lesser dense tissue, which is fat, gets liquified. Ultrasound liposuction uses this process. Now the good news is the ultrasound liposuction machine has developed a lot. It has become stronger, effective, speedy and delicate. Many researches are going on using these machines and surgery method is getting evolved.

The latest ultrasound liposuction machine (lysonix2000 generator) has received US FDA approval and generates powerful ultrasound (22.5khz). It is capable of dissolving fat cells very fast. It only takes 2~5 mins to dissolve the fat, procedure time is minimized and there are less damaging or bleeding on the other tissues. From the doctor's perspective, it takes much less effort to operate the procedure compared to hard labor it used to take, so now a doctor can focus on detailed procedure. Using this machine, it is efficient to take out the side flank fat, inner and outer side of thighs and it also works efficient to male or muscular body. If you already had liposuction before, this machine gives you better outcome. Back or upper abdomen area was difficult area for the liposuction procedure due to high amount of fiber tissues. Now with this machine there is much less burden to your body and recovers quickly because it only takes out the fat and there's minimal bleeding. There is hardly any bruising and no side effect of accumulation of body fluid.

Expert advise

Procedure takes 30~60 mins per part and there is no need of hospital admission, you can be discharged same day. Thanks to fast recovery, you can be back to your ordinary status in a week. You'll need to wear compression body garment after procedure, this is to prevent swelling and help even out the skin surface. You will wear it for 2 weeks. Ultrasound liposuction gives highly satisfactory result to both doctor and patient. We advise you to choose a board certified doctor for thorough consultation.

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