UVOM Plastic Surgery BB Rhinoplasty

UVOM Plastic Surgery BB Rhinoplasty

People admire beautiful things. It is human instinct to like visual beauty such as nature scenery, people, architecture, or art object.

When judging a person, beauty is not all that it matters, but we tend to like prettier person. We can't help. Because people seek beauty, many people are interested in plastic surgery to bring some change onto their looks. From celebrity to ordinary folks people wants to charm up their look.

Many people are seeking rhinoplasty because nose being center of the face, small change brings big change on a person's look. Asian people have low and bulbous nose, and plastic surgery is the way to improve it.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "By rhinoplasty alone, you can achieve sophisticated look. But you need to be cautious because you might fail on your plastic surgery. Your nose should harmonize with your overall face."

He also said "Making a beautiful nose is not just about augmenting nose bridge or nose tip. You should consider nose length, balance between nose bridge and tip and skin thickness"

Revision rate for the rhinoplasty is 30% which is high. You should choose right surgeon who can consider overall balance of your face, who can give natural look and no side effect.

UVOM Plastic Surgery's BB rhinoplasty considers overall balance and harmony, not just focusing on augmentation and reduction of size. BB rhinoplasty also focus on nose tip and columellar. Tipplasty is necessary to balance out the nose. Rhinoplasty result is better when the tipplasty is done.

Another reason why tipplasty is important is that tip is the place that support your bridge implant. Your bridge implant can slide down in time, so your nose tip should support this as well as making natural shape of nose tip.

BB rhinoplasty focus on columellar as well. Columellar is very important part when it comes to rhinoplasty. Angle between your columellar and upper lip is important marker for beautiful nose.

If colomellar is droopy, we cut the protruded part. If columellar is retracted or weak, we put in some support for it while considering overall harmony of face and nose.

You want to have good result out of your rhinoplasty. So you should consider your overall face balance and safety. To be able to achieve it, you need to consult with skilled and experienced surgeon for consultation and surgery.

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