UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Rhinoplasty Review

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Rhinoplasty Review 

Before surgery

She wanted to have facial make over on her eyes, nose and big forehead. From UVOM Plastic surgery, we offered her double eye lid surgery, canthoplasty, rhinoplasty and forehead reduction surgery from UVOM Plastic Surgery.

Right after surgery

Photo of the surgery day right after procedures. She had eye, nose, forehead surgery done. Don't be scared of swelling and bruise... because

After 2-3 months

Tada!! Couple of month after surgery all is healed, without swelling and bruise. She now has natural looking nose without hump, smaller forehead and beautiful round eyes.

After 12 months

After 1 year from surgery, now minor swellings all gone and gained very sharp and yet youthful look.

After 13 months

She achieved the gorgeous natural look she had hope for. Now she looks natural and beautiful.

 After 14 months

How do you like her final look after 14 months? We are thrilled to achieve this gorgeous outcome here at UVOM Plastic Surgery.

Contact info.
Tel (English Hotline): +821091311916


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