UVOM Plastic Surgery 3 point rhinoplasty

UVOM Plastic Surgery 3 point rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty gives some dimension to your face. It brings big image change, and is popular plastic surgery. But sometimes, rhinoplasty alone can not bring enough image change.

Rhinoplasty in Korea is mostly about augmentation of bridge and tip, unlike in western countries where the surgery on the alar is popular. Sometimes after nose augmentation, overall facial balance breaks. So the procedures on the forehead of chin can be considered, which is why we have '3 point rhinoplasty'.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo from UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "when it comes to rhinoplasty, your nose should be harmonized with your face. If you don't consider the line that connects to your forehead or chin, the outcome can be unnatural. It is important to make small and dimensional face from the front and side"

Plump and dimensional forehead, defined nose line, and smooth line to the chin is what is considered to be ideal and feminine. 3 point rhinoplasty uses goretex, silicone, autologous dermis to shape your nose bridge and tip. For the forehead, we take fat from your body, purify the fat and inject to forehead. Or we use filler to volume up. If the chin is receded, we use implant, fat graft or filler injection to balance it.

This surgery method is effective when your mouth is protruded, when your chin is too short or receded, when your forehead is flat or bumpy, if you have developed brow bone, if you have sunken nasolabial fold.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo says, "By considering forehead, nose and chin, we can make harmonized face. You should consider front look and the side profile. You should talk with a specialist about how it can change, what are the characteristics of surgery method. Surgery outcome varies depending on the skill and experience of surgeon, so you need to meet experienced surgeon for satisfactory outcome"

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