Plastic Surgery in Korea Experience Facial Contouring Surgery Rhinoplasty Double eyelid surgery at UVOM Review

Plastic Surgery in Korea Experience Facial Contouring Surgery Rhinoplasty Double eyelid surgery at UVOM Review

Before Surgery

She used to have monolids, chunk and bulbous nose and masculine facial contour before plastic surgery at UVOM.
She decided to have non incisonal double eyelid with ptosis correction, rhinoplaty, zygoma reduction, square jaw reduction and chin surgery to achieve more feminine and soft look.

After surgery
Real patients review of UVOM

★6 days post operative surgery 

Today remarks 6th day after surgery. I had post operative care and treatment at the clinic. I was very worried because I heard that removing tape and stitches could be painful, but the stitches on my nose was not a big deal. It was a bit itchy and tender when the tape was being detached though.
I feel a lot better now since tape and cast on my nose got completely removed today. When the cast was on my nose, that made my nose look bigger. However, it seems the shape is good and made as I desired. I’m going to continue to wear the compression bandage and I’m glad to see that swelling is fading away day by day.

★9 days post operative surgery

I’m so excited to see that swelling is going down faster than I expected. It has been only 9 days though.
Obviously, having porridge and pumpkin juice helps and shortens recovery time. I’m massing with warm packs as well. I’m finally getting rid of stitches in my mouth tomorrow.. I’m kind of nervous to do since I heard that is painful.. But also I know swelling will be subsided more after that so I can’t wait either haha. Well, I’m dying to wash my hair after the stapler on my scalp is removed..
I wish I could hang out with friends soon!

List of surgeries she went through

☞Double eyelid surgery(Non incisonal ptosis correction)


☞Zygoma reduction surgery

☞Square jaw reduction surgery

☞Chin surgery

After surgery

She achieved bigger and beautiful eyes through non incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction at UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea.
Her chubby and flat nose turned out slim and straight edged by rhinoplasty
Protruded cheekbones and jaw line have become smaller and soft. As her facial contour became smoother and slimmer, she gained small feminine facial shape.

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