UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Face lift Recovery Time

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Face lift Recovery Time 

“ Small and young face! Face wrinkles UP! Age Down! “ 

What is Uvom plastic surgery face lift surgery? 

UVOM Face lift is a procedure that each specialist from face lifting and fat repositioning performs cooperatively, and maximizes youthful effect, which is ultimate goal when it comes to lifting surgery. 

Face lift is a popular antiaging plastic surgery right next to eyelid surgery for people who are in mid age. Fat graft, Botox, Fillers and thread lift are simple procedures to remove wrinkles, however, face lift surgery is more effective for deep and serious wrinkles and gives high satisfaction. 

Benefit of Uvom Plastic Surgery 

1. It is possible to check droopy muscles and soft tissue and remove and lift. 

2. It is effective for a case which can’t have dramatic effect by thread lift. 

3. It gives a clear effect for improvement of facial wrinkles, and lasts long. 

4. It makes face look smaller with youthful face. 

Who needs Uvom plastic surgery face lift surgery 

1. Those who want to reduce size of face. 

2. Those who look old after facial bone contouring surgery and two jaw surgery. 

3. Those who often hear that they look older than their actual age. 

4. Those who doesn’t have enough fat or saggy skins on their face. 

5. Those who are young but have lots of wrinkles. 

6. Those who have sunken cheeks. 

7. Those who have double chin and big face. 

Surgery method 

Face lift is a type of lifting surgery which incises around ears and pulls facial muscles and soft tissues around lips and tightens droopy and loose skin tissues.

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