UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Non incision Double Eyelid Surgery Ptosis Correction

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Non incision Double Eyelid Surgery Ptosis Correction 

UVOM Glam Eyelid Surgery (Non incision Double Eyelid
Surgery with Ptosis Correction) 

UVOMs Glam Eyelid surgery can fix not only light level of blepharoptosis but also serious blepharoptosis.

Medical team of UVOM Plastic Surgery presented lecture and live surgery about Glam Eyelid surgery (Non incision double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction) in the 16th 
Severance Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium. In addition, UVOM presented Glam Eyelid surgery and Super Canthoplasty and endoscopically forehead lift through MIPS 

Before and after Ptosis Correction

What is blepharoptosis? 

Beautiful eyes are that 80 to 90 of pupil are shown when eyes are open. 
Blepharoptosis is a case that upper eyelid is open with hiding pupil more than 2mm. 
Glam Eyelid surgery is an eyelid surgery method which corrects the area which covers pupil and white part to make ideal eye shape so that it can complete eye shape that each patient wants with different taste. 

The Characteristics of Glam Eye in UVOM Plastic Surgery 

1. Youthful effect 
Glam Eyes can give younger look and you can achieve youthful effect. 

2. No eyelid scar 
Since it’s non incision method, there’s no worry about having scar. 

3. Quick recovery 
It gives less scar, and you can go back to routine within 2-3 days after the surgery.

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