UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Facial contouring surgery mandible reduction experience

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Facial contouring surgery mandible reduction experience

A list of surgeries she had undergone :

- Incisional double eyelid surgery revision
- Epicanthoplasty
- Cheekbone reduction revision surgery
- Mandible reduction revision surgery
- Genioplasty revision surgery
- Facial fat repositiong surgery

Before surgery

She used to have small eyes and angular facial contour. She wanted to achieve slender and slimmer facial contour, so decided to have cheekbone reduction, mandible reduction, genioplasty At UVOM Plastic Surgery. 

 2 weeks post op surgery

This is after big swelling subsided. Even though she had revision surgery, she doesn't have much swelling and bruising. She still has swelling on her face, but her facial contour looks already softer and more sleek. 

2 ~ 3 months post op surgery

She had double eyelid revision, rhinoplasty revision, facial bone contouring surgery, facial liposuction at UVOM Plastic Surgery. Her bruising and swelling she had has gone now and she looks natural and beautiful. She got to achieve softer and feminine facial contour through undergoing facial bone contouring surgery. 

6 months post op surgery

Since people are normally recovered by surgery after 6 months, she looks fully healed and natural without swelling in these pictures. Unnatural nose turned out more harmonized but prettier by rhinoplasty revision. Before double eyelid revision, even though she had double eyelid crease before, her eyes used to look small. However, her eyes has changed into bigger and dolly eyes by double eyelid revision surgery. 

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