UVOM Plastic Surgery Gangnam South Korea Eye plastic surgery and Rhinoplasty

UVOM Plastic Surgery Gangnam South Korea   Eye plastic surgery and Rhinoplasty

The most popular plastic surgery area would be on eyes and nose. On these areas, small change brings huge improvement. If eye plastic surgery and rhinoplasty done at the same time, there are cautions to be made because of sensitive nature of procedures.

In case of eyes, there are double eye lid surgery, canthoplasty, blepharoplasty or couple of these surgeries combined together. Especially double eye lid surgery can achieve huge difference, except if you have small amount of gap between eyes and eyebrows, or if you already have big enough eyes.

UVOM plastic surgery in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea is well known and established for how good we are at eye plastic surgeries.

Rhinoplasty – is a little more complex surgery compare to eye surgeries but it doesn’t mean it is difficult to achieve good outcome. When nose bridge is lower, implants can be inserted to make the bridge higher and proportional. When bridge length is short and have up lifted nose tip, septal cartilage can be placed in for improved look. When bulbous nose, alar reduction will give you sharp look.

At UVOM plastic surgery, we do 1:1 consultation and surgery to perform best rhinoplasty. We never compromise our principle and patient safety. We are always honest and trustworthy for your consultation and surgery. Rest assured! :)

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