UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Foreign body removal fillers fat removal

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Foreign body removal fillers fat removal 

Having procedure, which is non-invasive way but effective is getting popular among people. 

It has a benefit that can improve weakness by simple method, such as botox and fillers, but also the number of people who seek for foreign body removal is increasing as a side effect.

In fact, if non-medical materials are injected by non-medical attendance, there might be serious side effects such as swelling, inflammation, cyst and etc, therefore, having removal surgery as soon as abnormal symptom happens is needed.

Depending on each foreign material, we conduct customized treatment. It can correct side effect of the removal since it’s combined non-invasive with invasive method, and also hard foreign body can be removed with self-developed and various types of cannula effectively.

In terms of foreign body removal, removing them without facial and muscle damage is important. 
Foreign body is tangled with tissue cells, so it requires advanced skills, therefore, secondary surgery might be needed. 

UVOM Plastic Surgery Process 

01. Process the depth, kind and degree of foreign body through ultrasonography and CT. 

02. Design the area for surgery considering facial balance and condition of ski. 

03. Complete natural and balance face with exclusive methods of UVOM.

Non-invasive injection 

This is effective way to remove the material through self developed needle to minimize the damage of tissue. It softens hard part and flattens bumpy area. 

This method rather relieves scar tissue that is made by foreign body than dissolves it. 

Non-invasive cannula method

When the area has foreign body is soft or adhesion of tissues is not serious, the location can be found accurately through ultrasonography, non-invasive cannula method is available. 

To minimize tissue damage and increase surgical effect depending on facial structure, UVOM uses special cannula.


It can accurately remove foreign body with 10 times zoomed sight through endoscopy. 
It can minimize scar through incising inside of hair line. 

Incision method 

It is a method when oculoplasty or rhinoplasty are being done and scar can be hidden around eyes and nose. 

This is direct way for removal, being done without nerve or muscle damage is important as well as amount of removal. 

UVOM Plastic Surgery will always provide sincere patient care to satisfy all of our patients who visit UVOM Plastic Surgery.

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Foreign body removal fillers fat removal 

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