UVOM Plastic Surgery Change your style by face contouring

UVOM Plastic Surgery Change your style by face contouring

Maybe you have beautiful face features. But people don't particularly think you're pretty. On the other hand, someone might be praised a lot while face features are not that impressive with small eyes and low nose bridge. Why would that be?

This is mostly because of their face shape. Your face shape, line and size determines your overall image. Zygoma reduction, chin reduction and forehead reduction is most common face contouring surgeries. These are the surgeries that brings most dramatic outcome. It makes your face smaller, and makes you look younger. 

Chin reduction without hemobag 

Slim V-line shape of chin is every women's desire. V-line chin surgery is about bringing harmony to your face as well as reducing the size of your chin. Surgery will be performed through incision inside your mouth. Surgeon can see the surgery area from this incision and can perform precise surgery. Also, because there won't be much bleeding, you won't need to wear hemobag after surgery.

Endoscopic zygoma reduction without cheek sagging

Endoscopic zygoma reduction doesn't require the mouth incision. Instead it uses hairline incision, near your temple. While seeing the surgery area through the endoscope, osteotomy will be performed on your cheek bone. And then the bone will be folded in, to narrow your zygoma width. Endoscope offers magnified view, and we use our custom made tool, which is J-SAW to minimize the damage to surrounding tissues. Therefore it helps quick recovery and no worry on the cheek sagging. Endoscopic zygoma reduction is ideal way of reducing your zygoma width, gives you young, softer and feminine image.

Natural forehead reduction

If you have wide forehead, it makes you look older and there is lots of limitation on what hair style to choose. Current forehead reduction technique lowers your frontal hairline and fix it firm, the incision sight is designed to be unnoticeable. It saves baby hairs on your hairline, so it looks natural. If you have sagging eye brows, forehead lift can be performed at the same time. Having beautiful face contour is about having harmonized face. It isn't just about having as small face as possible. You should consider your face features. You need to choose a specialist surgeon with good experience as the face contour surgery is difficult procedure.

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