UVOM Plastic Surgery considerations on rhinoplasty

UVOM Plastic Surgery considerations on rhinoplasty

There are many factors that determines a person's image. Nose, being in the center, is one of the most important factor of all. Low and flat nose might make you look naive and innocent, but it won't make people think that you're 'pretty'. It makes you bland. Nose needs to be high and straight to well portion the rest of your face.

When doing augmentation on nose bridge or tip, it is needless to say the best to use your own tissue. But most Asians have limited amount of those tissue that can be used, so it might be advisable to use synthetic implants for better outcome. To have safe outcome, there are couple of things you must consider before choosing an implant. It must be certified that it is safe to be used in human body. It has to be proven on durability as well. It should also not hinder the movement of surrounding tissues and the texture should be natural. Goretex is widely used recently for rhinoplasty. The downside is its high cost, but it has been reported that Goretex is used safely without any bad reaction for more than 5 million cases of artificial vessel transfer surgery. Artificial implants are being widely used both nationally and internationally regarding receded chin correction or zygoma enlargement as well as rhinoplasty.

For the rhinoplasty, usually the Goretex is used for the bridge augmentation and then septum or ear cartilage is used for tipplasty. This gives very natural looking outcome. Cartilage for tipplasty is used to shape and augment the nose tip, by helping repositioning the alar cartilage. Also in case of humped nose, deviated nose, or short nose, rhinoplasty with Goretex and cartilage can give you good outcome.

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