UVOM Plastic Surgery Male Plastic Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery Male Plastic Surgery

It is competitive world and your looks is huge factor for the competition. A survey reveals that male plastic surgery has increased for 30 percent. There are also more broader choices on male plastic surgery. Before, male plastic surgery was about fixing the nose after injury or scar treatment. Now men are choosing to have double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, contour surgery and even filler injections.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgery, it can alter your image quickly and effectively. Let us discuss about male rhinoplasty in detail.

Nose bridge augmentation
You can have bridge augmentation by using artificial implants or your own tissue. It is better to choose your own tissue, and in case of artificial implants, goretex is more adaptable to human body.

Humped nose correction
Humped nose is not simply about some protrusion on nose bridge. It is about overall deformation of nasal bone and cartilage. It gives you rough look if you have humped nose. Hump is usually placed where the nasal bone and the cartilage meets. It happens when the cartilage amount is a lot compared to the nasal bone, so just by shaving the nasal bone this can not be corrected. It might rather make it look even more protruded if just nasal bone is shaved. Humped nose surgery includes osteotomy, nasal cartilage bone shaving, septoplasty, tipplasty.

Deviated nose correction
Deviated nose will make your whole face look asymmetrical. If you have deviated nose from the outside, most of times the inner structure is also deviated. We remove the protruding area on the nose bridge and straight the nose bridge. And then we separate the nasal bone into 2 pieces, left and right, and then bring them together in the center. There is thin layer of cartilage which is nasal septum and this will be corrected into straight shape.

Wide nose bridge correction
If you have wide nose bridge, your nose looks lower than it actually is. It is considered to be most aesthetic when the widest part of nose bridge is about 80% of your alar width. If we just do bridge augmentation to the wide nose, it might give you dull look. In this case osteotomy is recommended to give you more sharper and refined looking nose.

Before surgery you must be cautious about alcohol and smoking. Smoking contracts your blood vessels and affect blood circulation. It will slow down your recovery. Alcohol affects your immune system and affects recovery as well. So we recommend you to stop alcohol and smoking for 2 weeks before and after surgery.

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