UVOM Plastic Surgery Press Article Slim Fit Liposuction

UVOM Plastic Surgery Press Article Slim Fit Liposuction

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As the weather becomes hotter, the summer flashy fashion is coming back. Tight slim fit of showy outfits are catching eyes. But many of ladies are worried about what to wear because of the weight gain during the winter season. 

We all are trying to lose weight by diet and exercise. But it isn't easy to achieve good outcome. Especially the tummy, thighs, and arms are the most difficult part to lose weight.

Lee Jung Soo M.D. from UVOM Plastic Surgery says,
"As it becomes summer season, we are getting lots of inquiries from the women who wants to slim their figure by doing liposuction."
"It is not simply about reducing weight. It shapes and sculpt proportional line. Slim Fit Mini Liposuction is preferred choice from many patients."

Slim Fit Mini Liposuction is effective on those fat that just don't go away by diet and exercise, those who have slim figure but worrying about partial excess fat, or those who have unbalanced upper and lower body. Slim Fit Mini Liposuction removes fat cell and prevents further fat growing on that area.

What is common concern when losing weight by diet and exercise is that you might lose fat on unwanted part such as on breasts or on face. By performing Slim Fit Mini Liposuction you can choose where to reduce the size for your ideal body shape.

Benefits about Slim Fit Mini Liposuction compared to conventional liposuction is, that it is time and cost saving, and it has short recovery time due to short operation time.

Lee Jung Soo M.D. says,
"You should consider the characteristics on your body parts for the successful liposuction. It takes the surgeons good understanding on this and skill. Also it is good to choose a clinic that has latest advanced equipment."

Lee Jung Soo M.D. from UVOM Plastic Surgery has appeared on the TV Program "Healing Beauty Show, Beautiful You" to help obese patients to get liposuction and achieved dramatic outcome.

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