UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Guide

UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Guide

Nose shape determines entire image of a person for it being placed right in the middle of the face. Having proportional nose makes your face look smaller and gives better overall impression. So it is important to consider the right proportion on each face when doing rhinoplasty. It is also important not to make inner implant detectable from outside. As all patients have different condition of nose, ideal surgery method differs so it is crucial to choose and take suitable type of surgery.

UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Guide

As for the different types of nose surgery, there are for example nose augmentation, hump or alar reduction, deviated nose correction. Most of Asians are interested in nose augmentation for having lower bridge. Nose augmentation is a surgery that makes your nose bridge higher and longer. Most common method of performing this surgery is making incision inside your nose, placing a silicone implant for high bridge, and shaping sharper tip by using cartilage. Incision sight is hidden in your nose so no concern on visible scar. Flat nose, low bridge, small nose and short nose is good candidate for this. Silicone implant can be easily shaped into desired form, and its shape don't change upon inserting. 

Some other surgery methods are cartilage transplant or fat injection. Ear cartilage can be used to perform rhinoplasty. But as the volume of ear cartilage is not so much, it can not be used to make the higher bridge but can be used on nose tip shaping. Fat injection is taking fat from own body and injecting it into the nose to augment the bridge. But this is rarely chosen method since the surface of fat injection sight can be uneven. 

Most commonly used material for nose augmentation is silicone. Some people have concerns about side effect of it. But the solid silicone that is used for the nose surgery is safe unlike liquid silicone which can cause side effect. There is new material called Goretex too which is good for natural looking shape.

Shaping the nose entirely by using silicon can result in unnatural look because it can cause droopy looking nose tip. Ideal way is to use silicone for the bridge and then to use cartilage on the tip.

Nose reduction has numerous different method depending on original shape. Most common reduction area is humped nose with droopy arrow shaped nose. In this case osteotomy can be performed on nose bridge and then be shaped by silicone afterwards. There is also alar reduction. Alar reduction can be performed with nose augmentation when the patient have low and flat wide nose. If one has too big alar, excess skin can be removed from the incision on the bottom of the nose.

UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Guide

In cased of deviated nose or deformed nose by injury, correction can be made. Osteotomy to re-center the nose and then recollecting bones into the right shape.

If you have humped nose, it can make you look like maverick. To correct this, first of all nose hump is shaved. And the droopy nose tip which is commonly associated with humped nose can be lifted up to maximize the result. 

It is important to thoroughly consult before rhinoplasty, to decide the most suitable surgery for you. If you have functional problem such as deviated septum or rhinitis, this should be carefully considered as well.

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