UVOM Plastic Surgery Forehead reduction

UVOM Plastic Surgery Forehead reduction

Smaller face and soft facial line is preferred. Many people are visiting plastic surgery clinics to achieve this. Those who were hiding their facial line by their hair can now show off their face after facial contouring surgery. There is one other reason for hiding facial line with hair. It is those who have wide forehead.

◆ Ideal ration of forehead?

When considering facial ratio, there are mainly 3 parts. Upper face which is forehead, mid face which is from eyebrows to nose tip, lower face which is below that. Forehead ratio was considered to be 1/3 of face. But recent research says ideal forehead ratio is 85~90% of mid face.

◆ I have wide forehead... What to do?

If your wide forehead is due to hair loss, you can consider hair transplant. But if your forehead is naturally wide, you can consider forehead reduction for natural outcome. 

◆ What is forehead reduction? How much can be reduced?

Forehead reduction is a surgery that removes some forehead through the incision on the hair line. It moves the scalp to the front and fix it. Usually, 1~2 cm of removal gives natural and safe outcome. 

◆ Will the surgery marks visible?

All surgeries that make incision will leave incision marks. It is important to make it unnoticeable. It can be achieved by well designing incision line, and thorough suture. For 1~2 months after surgery, the surgery marks can be noticeable but after 3~6 months it become natural color.

◆ Is there any side effect? 

There can be some bruising and swelling which is common thing for all surgeries. There can also be temporary sensory dullness around the nerve lines on your scalp. There can also be temporary hair loss due to hindered blood circulation. This will heal naturally in time.

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