UVOM Plastic Surgery Forehead Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery Forehead Surgery

Forehead covers 1/3 of the face. As the plastic surgery becomes popular, forehead plastic surgery is increasing.  Forehead surgery improves your overall look from the front view and the side view. 

To reduce the forehead and let the hairline be natural - forehead reduction

Forehead reduction is a surgery that makes incision through the hairline, remove forehead skin and move the scalp forward to reduce the forehead. It is important to firmly fix the scalp. Incision line will be designed to be unnoticeable, after 3~6 months of recovery time, the incision line will be hardly visible. Also, by carefully making incision there are almost no damage to the hair root so that hair will grow back without any damage.

Don't hide your forehead anymore - sunken forehead plastic surgery

There are various ways to improve the sunken forehead. 

First method is fat graft - harvest the fat from patient's tummy or thighs and transfer it to the forehead. It is very safe and last for long time. Because it uses your own body fat, there is no side effect of any sort.

Second method is endoscopic silicone implant insertion. After making custom made forehead implant, we insert it using endoscope. Endoscope offers magnified view, so there won't be any damage to sense nerve.

Third method is filler injection to the sunken area of forehead. Filler for sunken forehead are restylane, juvederm, radiesse, artecoll, aquamid and etc. It is important to choose the most suitable filler to your condition. 

If the curve on the forehead is severe, you can do bone shaving as well as silicone implant or filler injection to gain smooth and natural curve.

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