UVOM Plastic Surgery Ideal Facial Line

UVOM Plastic Surgery Ideal Facial Line

Certain lines are in trend these days. V-line for face, S-line for body, Y line for the back of your body. Young people wants pretty line and proportion as well as pretty face.

If the ideal body ratio is 34-24-35, there is also ideal ratio for the face. 0.85:1:0.8 it is. From the forehead to eyebrows is 0.85, from the eyebrow to nose tip is 1, nose tip to chin is 0.8.

Before, plastic surgery was mostly about eyes and nose. But these days plastic surgery on forehead or jaw line has become popular.

Forehead takes 1/3 of face and connected with nose which is center of your face. So having beautiful forehead line is very important for overall harmony and beauty of face.

Forehead reduction

After making incision through the hairline, remove excess forehead skin, move the scalp forward and fix it to reduce the forehead. Incision will be visible through hairline but we'll design the incision line in a way that it is not too noticeable. After 3~6 months, incision line will be unnoticeable.

Forehead sculpting 

Forehead sculpting is a solution when the your forehead surface is severely uneven from the front or from the profile. After shaving bone, implant or filler will be injected so that the surface of your forehead will be smooth.

For the sunken forehead

For the sunken forehead, solution can be fat injection using the fat harvested from your abdomen or thighs. Or implant can be inserted using endoscope. Or filler injection can be done. According to your condition, we choose the best way for you.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery suggests that beautiful forehead is round and dimensional, without any bump and hump, while appropriately sized. This can be achieved by plastic surgery.

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