UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

UVOM Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Nose, being center of the face, determines overall image of a person. Many people are concerned about their low nose. Many decides to take filler injection to augment nose.

As the holiday season comes, many women comes to UVOM Plastic Surgery to have botox or filler injection. Dr Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "Because filler injection is quick and easy procedure that doesn't have side effect, it is becoming popular holiday gift."

Most of Asians have low and bulbous nose. What is in trend now is slightly curved nose. In case of male, they prefer having straight and masculine nose line.

When doing surgery, it is important to consider width and height of the nose, and the profile line. If you have bulbous nose, your cartilage on the nose tip needs to be slim down and create defined line.

There are many different cases of nose surgery. Upturned nose is the most difficult case of all. Upturned nose is formed because nose alar is short.

Droopy nose is a nose that is not defined and drooping downwards. It happens because of inner structure shape or placement. Nose alar and cartilage that is forming nost tip is droopy. Droopy nose surgery is done by replacing alar cartilage and shaving long droopy septum cartilage. 

In case of deviated nose, a surgery that places nose to the middle of the face is needed. If you have deviated nose, it is difficult to breathe and it becomes more severe when you catch a cold.

If the deviation is not severe, we can carve the silicone and insert it to make your nose look straight. But if the deviation is severe, septoplasty and osteotomy is needed.

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