UVOM Plastic Surgery 2 Jaw Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery 2 Jaw Surgery

Male plastic surgery is becoming popular. Many men are visiting plastic surgery clinic. Plastic surgery is no longer for just women.

There are various reasons for men to focus on their looks. Your looks are crucial when it comes to having social life, men are getting competitive with their looks.

Handsome look and soft image helps your social life. If you have good look, it gives you more confidence. What is popular as male surgery these days is 2 jaw surgery.

2 jaw surgery is adjusting balance of upper jaw and lower jaw. It makes your overall image softer. It can correct facial asymmetry, protruded chin, protruded mouth, angular jaw. Not only it improves your aesthetics it also corrects your malocclusion, pain, pronunciation.

People see the result of 2 jaw surgery from the celebrities on TV, and think lightly about 2 jaw surgery. But 2 jaw surgery is dangerous surgery. Because it deals with your jaw and face that has many nerve lines and blood vessels, you should be cautious before making decision to have 2 jaw surgery.

Because everyone has difference structure, surgery method differs by person. If you have facial asymmetry, we adjust upper jaw and lower jaw to the left or right to make your face symmetrical. If you have protruded chin, we rotate lower jaw to push it in. If you have protruded mouth, you can adjust this by rotate in your jaw. You can also reduce mid face or lower face length.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "2 jaw surgery needs precise surgery plan. If you don't plan your surgery, you might get uneven jaw line. You should consider the aesthetics, but you also should consider the function"

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