UVOM Plastic Surgery Brow Lift

UVOM Plastic Surgery Brow Lift

Miss Choi had double eyelid surgery recently, but she in unhappy with result because it did not make her eyes particularly bigger. She did double eyelid surgery in wish of having bigger eyes, but her eyes still look small.

Some patients complain they they have small eyes even after double eyelid surgery like miss Choi, it is mostly due to brow ptosis.

Brow ptosis is a condition that your brow is positioned from 5mm to 2cm below its original position. If you have brow ptosis, your brows comes down making the gap between eyebrows and eyes smaller and makes this part bulging out.

To improve brow ptosis, you can do either brow lift of forehead lift. Using 2cm incision on your scalp, we can pull up your brows using endoscope.

Before, brow lift used to be done to elderly but recently, younger people are also getting brow lift surgery to have refined looking eyes.

UVOM Plastic Surgery pull up saggy eyes brows, improves forehead wrinkles, and also improve vertical wrinkle on the forehead by damaging the face frowning muscle.

You can easily simulate the effect of brow lift. Put your finger on the outer edge of your eyebrows, and gently pull up your skin upwards. This way you can predict how it will look like after brow lift.

UVOM Plastic Surgery made the incision even smaller than before, improving itchiness or numbing sensation after surgery. Recovery is also faster, allowing patients to get back with daily routine faster.

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