UVOM Plastic Surgery Face Contouring Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery Face Contouring Surgery

Sharp and small V-line face is no longer only for the celebrities. When you walk on the street, you easily see people as gorgeous as celebrities. This is because many people are seeking plastic surgery to have better image and confidence.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo says "Recently many people are visiting plastic surgery clinic to achieve better image. Before, having plastic surgery was considered to be negative thing, but nowadays such notion changed and more people are interested to have plastic surgery."

"Plastic surgery not only makes you more prettier but also bring you success in career and life. From young to middle aged to older people, they all are seeking plastic surgery"

In the past, double eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty was popular. Nowadays face contouring surgery is becoming popular as it gives softer look on the face. If your friend looks different and eyes and nose has not changed, then look closer on the face line. Probably your friend had face contouring surgery.

Dr. Lee says "Asians have flat face. So if you have developed zygoma or chin, it makes you look very tough. Face contouring can make you look like different person"

Face contouring surgery is a surgery that changes face line. It makes your face look smaller. As for type of face contouring surgery, there are zygoma reduction, mandible reduction, protruded chin surgery, receded chin surgery and 2 jaw surgery.

The most popular among these is zygoma reduction surgery. If you have developed zygoma, it makes you look tough and older. So many people wants to correct it.

Zygoma reduction can be done by cutting the body and arch of zygoma bone and pushing it inwards to make the width smaller. It can be done through using endoscope or through mouth incision. Surgery method depends on how developed your zygoma is.

UVOM Plastic surgery offers zygoma reduction by using endoscope. There is no mouth incision, incision is made to the scalp. It keeps the volume of front zygoma and reduces protruding side zygoma and makes your face more dimensional.

By using Dr. Lee's custom made surgery tool 'J-shaped saw', precise cut is possible and there is minimum bleeding and swelling. You can be discharged on the same day of surgery and can eat on the same day. Recovery is fast.

This surgery method is featured on 'Cosmetic surgery of the asian face, 2005' and 'PRS. Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery 2003.1', proving it's effectiveness and safety.

If your chin is developed, you can do endoscopic chin reduction and jaw reduction, to have more sharp and small face. But just cutting the angular bone does not give you the V-line. The overall jaw bone needs to me smaller and balanced with face. So UVOM Plastic Surgery offers 'jaw balance surgery'. It is not just shaving the jaw, but also adjust front chin length to become ideal length, and shave the jaw according to the chin so that overall face can be balanced and smaller.

By using custom made tool, we access and cut the bone 1mm away from the nerve line and can adjust it precisely. You can't feel the edge after surgery, and there is minimum bleeding.

Dr. Lee says "Zygoma reduction and jaw reduction surgery requires experience and skill. If not, surrounding tissues can be damaged and outcome can be disappointing"

"Revision case is mostly about not shaving the bone enough and there was not much of difference after surgery. Or just shaving jaw and not the chin, making face look longer. You need to find skilled and experienced surgeon to have satisfactory surgery"

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