UVOM Plastic Surgery Facial Contouring

UVOM Plastic Surgery Facial Contouring

For this year, you can have holiday upto 9 days for Chuseok if you utilize annual leave. Plastic Surgery clinic in Gangnam is being busy due to many people coming to the clinic for Chuseok holiday.

Plastic Surgeon Lee Jung Soo (UVOM Plastic Surgery) says "there are many inquiries from the patients looking to get surgery during Chuseok holiday" "Especially this year, we have long Chuseok holiday and inquiry for facial contouring that needs long post op care has been increased"

Facial contouring surgery is a surgery that alters facial outline. It desizes face size or improve side profile. There are angular jaw surgery, zygoma reduction, protrusion surgery, lantern jaw, receded chin, 2 jaw surgery as for the type of contouring surgeries.

What is most popular out of these is 'angular jaw reduction' or 'front chin surgery' for making sharper jaw line. If the jaw line width is more developed than cheek bone or if there is severe angle on the jaw. Most of cases width and angle is developed at the same time, so if you correct only one of these outcome will be unnatural and makes your face look big and long. So when you do the surgery, it is important to consider developed width and angle altogether.

'Lower jaw balance surgery' that UVOM Plastic Surgery specializes in, is not just about shaving the jaw, but about adjusting chin length to the ideal ratio and adjusting side mandible according to chin to make balance and sharp face like. It makes face smaller and balanced and is very popular surgery.

Also, custom made surgery tool allow the surgeon to shave the bone as close as 1mm apart from the nerve line, allowing precise procedure. After the surgery you can not feel the edges there the surgery is done, and there is less bleeding and you won't need to wear draining tubes.

If your cheek bone is developed as well as the jaw, you can do zygoma reduction as well as lower jaw balance surgery, to gain softer and sharper look.

Zygoma reduction is cutting the zygoma body and arch, and moving the bone a little inwards to reduce the protrusion. It reduces not only the front zygoma but also the side zygoma, makes overall face smaller and softer. Patients are satisfied with this procedure.

UVOM Plastic Surgery's 'endoscopic zygoma reduction' especially, is capable of making precise cut by using custom made tool 'J-shaped saw'. There is less swelling and bleeding, and there is no need of fixation so no use of fixing pin. You can be discharged on the same day of surgery, and can even start to eat on the same day.

This surgery method is featured on famous American plastic surgery textbook which is 'Cosmetic surgery of Asian faces, 2005' and also featured on 'PRS Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 2003. 1'.

Dr. Lee says "You'll be admitted to the hospital for 1 day after lower jaw balance surgery, and swelling will mostly subside after 7~10 days. In case of zygoma reduction, you can be discharged on the same day and swelling will last about 1 week."

He also says "This long Chuseok vacation can be good opportunity for people who are trying to get facial contouring surgery. But because facial contouring is major surgery that cuts your bone, you'll need to find experienced and skilled surgeon to precisely assess your current condition. And find the right surgery method for you."

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