UVOM Plastic Surgery Humped Nose Correction

UVOM Plastic Surgery Humped Nose Correction

The key factor that determines your first impression is your nose that is the center of your face. If you have humped nose, your first impression becomes tough.

Hump can be seen from the side profile. It happens because your nasal bone or cartilage over develops. It gives you masculine and tough looking image.

Humped nose happens due to genetic reasons, as well as due to some outer force trauma during young age. It forms on where your nasal bone and septum cartilage meets.

By hump removal surgery, you can make smooth nose line. You need to consider how wide your nasal bone is and how severe your hump is. You also need to consider the overall nose shape and height.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "If you have severe hump, your nasal bone is developed and your mid nose looks wide. Basically it is wide and high nose. If you have wide nose, we need to size down."

"If the hump is severe, we need to shave the hump and make the surface smooth, and then insert silicone implant."

What to consider when it comes to hump removal is that there is tendency of re-grow of the bone. Your nasal bone might re-grow after shaving, so you should factor this in when you're doing hump removal.

Your nose is key factor that determines your overall image. If you're determined to do humped nose correction, you should look for experienced doctor. Smooth nose will give you confidence.

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