UVOM Plastic Surgery Micro Fat Graft

UVOM Plastic Surgery Micro Fat Graft

Women invest a lot to cure skin aging. They buy expensive items and try different procedures, but skin sagging is inevitable. But if you watch TV, there is no sign of age on the face of actresses. What is their secret?

Dr. Lee of UVOM Plastic Surgery says "People used to take eyes or nose surgery before, but recently many people are seeking fat graft for tight and dimensional looking face"

Ms. Min who is 25, has done fat graft for the same reason. Ms. Min has done double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty 3 years ago, but overall face was not harmonious so decided to do fat graft.

UVOM Plastic Surgery offers micro fat graft to give firmness on your skin. Micro fat graft is about injecting very small amount of fat which is 1/30cc ~ 1/50cc per injection to the multiple layer. This way fat survival rate is higher. It is safe and long lasting procedure.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo says "We use our special custom made tool for harvesting and injecting fat. It takes longer time, we use 10cc syringe and use minimal vacuum suction when harvesting fat, to minimize damage to the fat."

Fat graft can be done to overall face, nasolabial fold, near mouth, chin, under eyes.

In case of mouth wrinkle, fat graft will give great effect. If you add hyaluronic acid along side with fat graft, it will give you more dramatic effect.

As you age, your under eye can sag. In the past we corrected this by making incision. As a person age, fat gets shrink down and de-volume, so it is better to reposition the fat rather than removing the fat. If you lose volume on your face and start to wrinkle around your eyes and mouth, how about you seek help from a specialist?

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