UVOM Plastic Surgery Zygoma Reduction with Sleeping Sedation

UVOM Plastic Surgery Zygoma Reduction with Sleeping Sedation

Some people fear of hospital. White interior and smell of disinfection makes people fear for hospital. Especially if you had any painful experience from a hospital before. Many different anesthesia method is used to relieve pain, but if it is as invasive as general anesthesia, it is a big concern.

Small and slim face is considered to be beautiful. If you have protruding zygoma, you consider zygoma reduction surgery. Up until now, zygoma reduction surgery required general anesthesia. But now, from UVOM Plastic Surgery, zygoma surgery with sleeping sedation is possible! Which is called 'Z zygoma reduction'.

Sleeping sedation is inducing sleeping status by injecting some medication while keeping consciousness. All procedures will be done while you're sleeping, you won't feel any pain or discomfort during surgery. 

Sleeping sedation uses far less medication compared to general anesthesia, and don't use any tools to keep your breathing. It is less invasive compared to general anesthesia, and patients can go right back to normal status.

'Z zygoma reduction' can be done under sleeping sedation. Through a incision that is about 3cm long in the scalp, use endoscope to reduce side zygoma while keeping the volume of front zygoma. There is no incision inside your mouth, and shape a small and yet dimensional face.

Dr. Lee's custom made surgery tool 'J-shaped saw' allows precise cutting, there is less swelling and bleeding. There is no need of fixing, you can be discharged on the same day and can eat on the same day. Recovery is fast.

Another good point is that it is possible under sleeping sedation instead of general anesthesia. There is no cheek sagging, and can keep the volume of front zygoma so the outcome is more natural.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo of UVOM Plastic Surgery says, "Zygoma gives face a dimension along with nose and forehead. But if you have too developed zygoma, it makes you look masculine and tough. If you wanted to have zygoma reduction and feared of general anesthesia, now you can go for is as we can do zygoma reduction under sleeping sedation"

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