UVOM Plastic Surgery Zygoma Reduction

UVOM Plastic Surgery Zygoma Reduction

If you have protruded zygoma, you might have mean and tough looking image. Protruded zygoma is a complex to most people. Zygoma is the most dimensional part of your face, and it determines your image.

According to Dr. Lee of UVOM Plastic Surgery, over developed zygoma makes your face look bigger and gives you tough look. On the other hand, if you have no visible zygoma, you might look too bland.

Your side zygoma makes you look tough, and if you have some volume on the front zygoma, it makes you look younger because it gives more dimension to your face.

If you remove protruding zygoma, will you become prettier? It's not always so.

People think zygoma look big because of big bone, but it fact it is due to some bone, muscle and skin. 

Shape of the zygoma is as important as size of it. Depending on the shape, it makes your face look bigger or smaller. You should consider these things before doing zygoma reduction.

UVOM Plastic Surgery's 'Z zygoma reduction' can be done without mouth incision. Incision will be in the scalp, uses endoscope to reduce the side zygoma while keeping the volume of front zygoma.

Without mouth incision, 'Z zygoma reduction' can make small and dimensional face. It can be done under sleeping sedation, unlike other zygoma surgery.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo says, "Zygoma reduction is a difficult surgery because it deals with bone, muscle and nerves. Procedure needs to be precise."

"If you decided to have surgery, you need to know if a surgery has lots of experience of face contouring surgery, and if the surgeon is board certified doctor."

"All surgery can have side effects such as infection or bruising, but if you select well experienced board certified doctor, you don't need to worry about it too much"

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