UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Anesthesia System Safety

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Anesthesia System Safety 

Safety First, UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea 

Safety system of UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea 

The best effort for safe anesthesia 

UVOM Plastic Surgery will take charge of patients’ safety with professional anesthesiologist from general hospital. 

Brand new devices and systems 

UVOM Plastic Surgery has brand new devices and systems for safety, so that safe and accurate surgery with minimum bleeding is possible. 

UVOM Plastic Surgery tries its best to satisfy customers with updating and managing surgical devices constantly. 

The center oxygen supplies 

Oxygen supply can be controlled by one place. 
Oxygen can be supplied by exact pressure. 
Nitrogen dioxide is safely provided. 
Oxygen can be stably provided in each operating room. 
Mini oxygen provider can prevent emergency during recovery right after operation. 

Full HD endoscopy 

Brand new endoscopy that only 24 plastic surgery clinics have in Korea. 
More accurate exfoliation and surgery can be possible through Full HD endoscopy. 

General anesthetic machines of GE are used 

High tech brand new general anesthetic machines that Americas general hospitals use are possessed.
Private power station can protect customers safety from blackout and accidents. 

UPS Private power station system 

UPS Private power station (emergency electricity) provider for blackout.

Thorough hygiene sterilization management system 

Plasma sterilizer 

Since medical devices that can be deformed by high temperature and pressure and humidity are sterilized by low temperature in a vacuum for a short term, using for a long time without deformity is possible. 

EO gas sterilizer 

It sterilizes microbiology of medical devices 
Since it doesn’t use high temperature and humidity and pressure, sterilization without damaging medical devices is possible 

High pressure steam sterilizer 

Decent temperature and pressure are used to disinfect microbiology depending on them. 
Penetrating depth to object for disinfection is fast 
Endospore can be destroyed.

Other safe medical devices 

Thorough pre surgery plans -3D CT and X ray.
Customized surgery plan is possible through X ray and 3D CT scan. 
Perform the surgery without damaging blood vessels and nerves through pre surgery plans.

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E-mail: uvom@uvom.com


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