UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Fillers removal surgery in korea

 UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Fillers removal surgery in korea 

“ Restore beautiful shape “ 

UVOM Plastic Surgery will take charge of foreign material removal and recovery through specialized surgery method and self developed devices. 
UVOM diagnose in detail through ultrasonography to figure out a method which can minimize a chance of nerve and muscle damage. 
Also, UVOM will make sure there is none of people who are hurt by poor surgery result of illegal surgery and fillers based on profound and long experience of foreign material removal surgery (fillers) 

Illegal foreign materials 

Industrial silicone 



Illegal fillers 


General foreign materials 


Lifting threads 



Medical materials 

Process of foreign material removal surgery 

1. Check the depth and kind of foreign body and self tissues through ultrasonography and CT scan. 

2. Design the surgical area considering balance of overall face and condition of skin. 

3. Remove the foreign body and complete natural and balanced look through Uvom specialized surgical method.

Specialty of UVOM foreign material removal surgery 

Examine thoroughly through ultrasonography and remove using endoscopy that can see 10 times closer. 

Since we use self developed and different kinds of cannulas, removing hard scleroid materials is possible. 

Why is Foreign material removal surgery necessary? 

When too much of medical foreign material is injected, or the surface is not smooth, people want to remove them to improve the way they look, however, if illegal fillers are injected, foreign body reaction is caused and people can have side effect such as necrosis and granuloma. Therefore, even if those symptoms are not shown yet, removing the illegal materials is recommended as soon as possible. 


Too much volume and bumpiness or foreign materials that are moved cause difficulty. 

Surgery method
Remove through minimum incision of inside of sculpt or scrape with self developed needles and cannulas 


Unnatural shape with too much swelling and hardness after having foreign materials 

Surgery method 
Incise inside of lips to remove foreign materials with minimum scar, complete balanced lips. 

Cheek, buccal fat, nasolabial folds 

Unclear facial contour and bumpy surface as tissues near the area that materials are injected is sagged. 

Surgery method 
The materials that are injected on subcutaneous fat can be removed by self developed needles and cannulas, and the ones on buccal fats can be removed through minimum incision of mouth 

Around eyes 

A part that foreign materials are injected or nearby the area looks swollen or the materials are shown. 

Surgery method 
Remove effectively performing upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty. 


Face looks longer due to too much injection and asymmetry of injection 

Surgery method 
Make small holes with self developed needles and cannulas, and complete beautiful line considering ratio. 


Unnatural nose shape with bumpiness due to too much injection of foreign materials 

In the case for rhinoplasty, removal can be done with incision, and the other way is scraping through fine holes.

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