UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Breast Augmentation Teardrop Implant

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Breast Augmentation Teardrop Implant 

UVOM Plastic Surgery Korea Breast Augmentation 

Normal round implant 

Teardrop implant 

This is teardrop shape cohesive implant which is one of the most common implants, since tip of nipples can be located up, so that beautiful breast shape can be made. 

Also, as UVOM Plastic Surgery uses full HD endoscopy to see clearly during operation, beautiful shape can be completed safely. 

Incision under the breasts 

This is the most suitable way for teardrop implant, it incises 2.8-3.5 cm on the boundary line between breast and abdomen. 


-No need for blood bags 

-Quick recovery without hospitalization 

-Less pain, bleeding, nerve damage compared to axillary incision 

-Room for plant can be made without damaging other tissues 

Axillary incision 

This is a method which incises wrinkles about 3cm. Since the scars can be hidden by wrinkles, it is the most common method in Korea. 


-Scars can be hidden 

-No damage for sensation 

-Nothing harmful for breastfeeding 

Benefits of teardrop implant breast augmentation 

1. Natural 

Natural shape such as teardrop can be completed 

2. Safety 

Ergonomic implant of Mentor, which was approved by Europe 

3. Customized shape 

Various different types of shapes, sizes of breast, customized shape can be made. 

4. No massage and side effect 

Since it is performed with Full HD endoscopy, there is less chance of side effect. 

5. Effective for revision surgery 

In the case that people are not satisfied after breast augmentation, or have side effects, this method can be more effective. 

Why is UVOM Breast augmentation special? 

Teardrop implant live surgery 

Performed live surgery for teardrop implant twice 

UVOM Plastic Surgery performed live surgery for teardrop implant in 22nd Feb and 16th June in 2012. 

Dr. Peter Casan, who is authority of breast surgery in Germany participated in the live surgery learned other doctors’ know how. 

Performed breast augmentation with teardrop implant 100 times for the shortest time. 

After breast augmentation with teardrop implant launched in Korea, UVOM performed the surgery in 2012 for the first time, and reached 100th surgery for the shortest time in Korea.

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