UVOM Plastic Surgery Genioplasty with no implant

UVOM Plastic Surgery Genioplasty with no implant

Today we would like to show you about genioplasty with no implant case.

This patient had zygoma surgery at UVOM Plastic surgery and revisited us after 2 years. She is content with the zygoma outcome and wanted to improve her chin as well.

Prior to the zygoma surgery she had chin implant from other clinic. At the time of zygoma surgery she did not wish to revision her chin because her chin implant was still new and it was too early to operate revision surgery. Instead she had filler injection to her chin along with zygoma surgery at UVOM Plastic Surgery. But as time went by the filler injection had wore off and she wanted genioplasty this time.

She wanted sharper and longer jaw line. Even with the chin implant she already had, she felt her jaw was not long enough compared to the mid face length.

UVOM Plastic Surgery Genioplasty with no implant

According to a paper published in 2004, ideal facial ratio of upper face, mid face, and lower face is 0.85 : 1 : 0.80. But most of people have ratio of 0.91 : 1 : 0.90.

This patient had short lower face compared to upper and mid face. Making her good candidate for jaw elongation. 

But changing her chin implant to bigger one might cause problems such as bone abrasion. Tip of her chin bone will get continuously pushed against the implant and will wear off by this abrasion and become shorter. Also, bigger implant will make her philtrum - lip angle smaller, which is not aesthetically ideal.

In such case we can consider using patient's own bone instead of implant. We cut off chin bone and re-attach it a little front than where it used to be. This method was ideal for her case and we persuaded her to go with using her bone instead of implants. She agreed.

UVOM Plastic Surgery Genioplasty with no implant

Her X-ray of before and after surgery. We reduced the width by 10mm, placed chin tip 5mm forward, chin length elongated by 3mm. As she wanted sharper chin, we reduced the width and used that cut off bone to re shape the angle.

UVOM Plastic Surgery Genioplasty with no implant

From the frontal face view of X-ray, we can see her jaw line has become sharper and longer.

But please note that it isn't always best to use own bone. Sometimes implant could be ideal option. It depends on individual case. You should always go through personal consultation to determine what is right for you.

I hope this case review helps anyone of you with similar problem.

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