UVOM Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation Surgery

As you get older, wrinkles appear one by one. It is great stress for most of us, especially when there are wrinkles on eyes, mouth and forehead. We wish there is some kind of iron to make them go away. Although we haven't got any iron for it yet, there are some procedures that can be helpful to get rid of wrinkles and prevent from getting one.

◇ Endoscopic forehead lift

As you get older, your skin becomes sagged. Most problematic sagging part is your eyelid. It is aesthetically unappealing, and it also causes functional problem. If your eyes are covered by sagging eyelid, it means not only your upper lid is sagging but also all the soft tissues from forehead is sagging by the gravity. In this case you can consider endoscopic forehead lift. First we examine the condition of your forehead, eyebrows and eyelids, make incision inside your hair line and perform forehead lift using endoscope. Endoscope will be inserted through 5 incisions on your scalp, sagging skin and tissues will be removed and pulled up. Endoscope allows magnified vision for more precise surgery, and the scars won't be visible.

◇ Upper blepharoplasty

Sagging upper lid is most common sign of aging. It makes you look older, and hinders your eye sight as well. Your hooded eyelid can sometimes cause skin problem such as erosion. The most fundamental solution of this will be forehead lift. But more simple way to treat this is upper blepharoplasty. Upper blepharoplasty is similar to double eyelid surgery. It is a surgery that removes unnecessary skin and creates natural crease. It is important to remove right amount of sagging skin.

◇ Lower blepharoplasty

Lower lid is another noticeable skin sagging area alongside with upper eyelid. As the skin elasticity drops, some fat on the lower lid will bulge out and creates dark shadow underneath it. It makes you look older and unhealthy. There can be various way of solution for this, and lower blepharoplasty is one of it. One way of lower blepharoplasty is removing the sagging fat and pulling up the sagging skin. Or you can just simply do bulging fat removal.

Rejuvenation is everyone's interest. All of us wants to look younger. You can not turn back your actual time, but there are ways that makes you did turn back time. You can consider plastic surgery for rejuvenation :)

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