UVOM Plastic Surgery surgeries for making smaller face

UVOM Plastic Surgery surgeries for making smaller face

You might have the most gorgeous body. But if you have big or angular face, you can't be pretty. The first priority of beauty is having small face. So now let's talk about face contouring surgeries that makes your face smaller.

Angular Jaw
To make a slim face, it is necessary to cut off the angular part from your chin. For this, we make incision inside the mouth. It is important to adjust how much to shave off, considering overall harmony of your face. As there is no sense nerve on your bone, it doesn't hurt to shave bone. After surgery, you'll be admitted to the hospital for one night to drain the blood. After one week you can resume your ordinary life.

Protruded cheek bone
The surgery method depends on how protruded your cheek bone is. In case of small to moderate protrusion, it can be done by incision from your hairline near temple. If protrusion is severe, the incision will be inside of your mouth. We access your cheek bone through the incision, and perform osteotomy to reduce the width of your cheek bone. Scars won't be visible.

Receded chin
In case of receded chin, we can correct it by cutting some part of your bone on your front chin and move it forward to have more dimension. Or you can choose to have chin implant. On the other hand, if you have protruding chin, it can be shaved off.

Flat forehead
Forehead plays big part determining your overall impression. We make cast of your forehead and make a silicone implant according to your forehead shape. Scar won't be visible because the incision is through your hair line. We use endoscope so there is no need of worry for nerve damage or bleeding.

Before taking face contouring surgeries, it is important to see a board certified doctor and have thorough consultation and examination.

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