UVOM Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery

Most popular eye surgery is the double eyelid surgery. There are two procedure methods - incisonal method and non incisional method. You can choose your double crease design between in line / out line / in out line.

- In line (tapered line) : Double crease line starts at the inner corner, making tapered shape.

- Out line (parallel line) : Common type of double eyelid for westerners. Double crease line is big and makes your eyes look bigger.

- In out line : A design that is popular these days. Its shape is in between in line and out line. The crease at the inner corner is slimmer and outer corner is thicker. It makes your eyes look refined.

It is important to choose right clinic with right information. Simply making double eyelid is easy. It is important to choose right shape of double eyelid for you. For satisfactory result, you'll need to find suitable surgery method and best design for you after 1:1 consultation with a specialist.

In the past, surgery trend was just making bigger eyes. Nowadays, people tend to adjust the design according to their image and face feature.

UVOM Plastic Surgery offers thorough procedure even though it takes more time. We don't blindly aim for profit, we aim for detailed and delicate surgery for best outcome.

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