UVOM Plastic Surgery

UVOM Plastic Surgery

Many people are visiting plastic surgery clinic to overcome their complex and to upgrade their image. But as there are so many clinics, it is hard to find the one that is right for you. So many people go on internet trying to gather some information about which clinic to go.

"Plastic surgery has become common thing, like shopping, but you should not forget that it is medical treatment. So you shouldn't choose a clinic just because it is cheaper. You should consider whether the doctor is board certified, whether there is anesthesiologist, whether they use safe medications, and how is the clinic facility" says Dr. Lee Jung Soo from UVOM Plastic Surgery who is a reputable surgeon in Korea.

Dr. Lee Jung Soo opened 'Lee Jung Soo Plastic Surgery' in June 1996 in Samsung-dong. He has given new life to many who were suffering from their complex. In May 2004, he moved his clinic to Nonhyung-dong, re-naming it to 'UVOM Plastic Surgery'.

It was not simply location change. He hired specialists who has more than 11 years of experience. There are now 4 plastic surgeons and an anesthesiologist, has top notch facilities and system making it more safer clinic.

"Like a baby bug becomes butterfly after being a pupa, we wish our patients to have better look and better life" says Dr. Lee.

He has given new life to numerous patients, even some celebrities visit his clinic. What is UVOM's secret for attracting many patient? 

It is thinking from patient's perspective, having specialists who has many experience and know-how, having anesthesiologist, and having top notch equipment.

UVOM Plastic Surgery surrounds you with cozy interior decoration. There are many plants, warm lighting and paintings that makes you relaxed.

UVOM Plastic Surgery has easy reservation system. It has 6 recovery rooms and 5 operation room. This reduces waiting time, and offers thorough post-op care, fulfilling patient's satisfaction. Such system comes from 'thinking in patient's perspective'. Dr. Lee always try to think and act from patient's perspective. 

But what he cares even more than that is 'high leveled medical service'. Dr. Lee says "adapting newest technology and equipment to offer top notch medical service to our patients". UVOM Plastic Surgery is equipped with newest 3D CT, X-ray, blood test lab, Omeda anesthesia machine for more advanced and precise surgery. Also there is in house anesthesiologist. It has UPS emergency power system in order to have power supply in case the power goes out suddenly.

UVOM Plastic Surgery is know for endoscopic zygoma reduction, lower chin balancing, super lateral canthoplasty, and forehead reduction.

Endoscopic zygoma reduction is a surgery that uses 2~3cm incision in the scalp and uses patent approved 'J-shaped Saw'. It can make precise osteotomy to minimize bleeding and swelling. It doesn't need fixing screws so patients can be discharged on the same day and can eat. Its recovery is so fast.

This surgery method is featured on american plastic surgery text book 'Cosmetic surgery of the asian face, 2005' and 'PRS. Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery 2003.1' proving its safety and effectiveness.

'lower chin balancing' is correcting the front chin length to the ideal length, and shaping the mandible according to the front chin, make it slim and balanced. UVOM uses its own surgical saw, can shave upto 1mm distance to the nerve line, and able to do precise correction. There is no secondary angle after surgery and effective for revision case as well.

'super lateral canthoplasty' elongation of eye's horizontal length, opening the outer corner of eyes. Biggest problem of lateral canthoplasty is it can get attached together again. And super lateral canthoplasty prevents this. It also improves outer corner wrinkles and slanted eyes so effective if you have up slanted eyes. 

Before, only cure for the big forehead is hair transplant. But when the hair is transplanted to the forehead, it was pretty obvious and density of new hair was low therefore new hair line was awkward. 

'Forehead reduction' is solution to this. 'Forehead reduction' cuts forehead and suture back according to hairline, it is hardly noticeable and leaves some baby hair on the forehead so it is very natural.

Fat graft is injecting some fat to the sunken area. It uses fat that is harvested from patient's abdomen or thighs, it has high fat survival rate and semi permanent. It is much more natural compare to implant insertion.

"There is no easy way when it comes to dealing with human body. You should consider each patient dearly and should not forget you're dealing with life" says Dr. Lee.

"There are patients who wants too many procedures. But wanting too much might cause side effect, and hard to satisfy from the outcome. In such case, we talk to patients not to have too much surgeries, and if patients disagrees, we just don't proceed with surgery"

"Purpose of cosmetic surgery is about giving confidence to patients. It is not just about looks, it is also about inner confidence." says Dr. Lee.

He has such affection towards his patients. He also does medical volunteering and active on 'love sharing'. He is doing volunteers in the country and also active overseas.

He started overseas volunteering from cleft lip and palate surgery in Vietnam in 1996, Uzbekistan in 2007, Laos in 2008, Indonesia in 2009. And in 2010, he founded GIC (Global image care) for more systematical medical volunteering. He is planning medical volunteer in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Madagascar.

Dr. Lee says "We want to give back to society. We don't wish to be a clinic that just aims for profit. Where we are now, is thanks to our patients who trusted us. We want to give back this love and trust to the needed hands. Love becomes bigger when it is shared. We'll keep on trying to achieve bigger love"

He added, "Through academical research, we would like to let the world know Korea's high level of skill and bring patients from overseas such as Japan and China to give new life and hope to global citizens". For this, UVOM Plastic Surgery has translators for English, Chinese and Japanese.

As the medical develops, anyone can become pretty like celebrity. Fulfill your desires. Try to achieve your beauty. Start by visiting UVOM Plastic Surgery.

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